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Cole D. Gross

Assistant Professor of Soil Carbon Science
Department of Sustainable Resources Management
State University of New York 

College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Life of Soil

where death turns to life

and all things are made anew

beneath our feet

soil profile

Current Research


Exciting research projects are under development!

Check back or reach out about upcoming graduate student positions.

soil carbon cycling


agricultural management

Digging deeper into soils, teaching, writing, and more.

Cole D. Gross

In the News


More on carbon sequestration, biochar, and soil sampling methods.

elemental analyzer

Soils Lab

total organic carbon analyzer
gas chromatograph

The SUNY ESF Forest Soils Lab has state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Updates coming soon!


soil properties
GIS lab

At SUNY ESF, I will be developing and teaching new courses covering topics including agroforestry, ecosystem carbon storage and flux, soil health, and soil carbon cycling.

GIS map


University of Alberta WISEST
University of Alberta WISEST
University of Alberta URI
University of Alberta U School

I love sharing the joy of science, discovery, and soils with my community, especially underserved children and youth. I am also passionate about empowering young women to enter into scientific fields of study. I have supervised and mentored over a dozen research assistants, international interns, and volunteers and I am proud to share work from some of these dedicated researchers.

Soils 4 Kids

I encourage the exploration of the fun world of soil science through presentations, workbooks, experiments, and posters for children and youth.

soil science workbook
soil science workbook
soil science workbook
soil science workbook
soil science workbook
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