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My research focuses on soil health and carbon cycling in forests, grasslands, and agroecosystems (e.g., agroforestry systems) in response to human land-use and management decisions and climate change. I am passionate about furthering our understanding of soil carbon cycling and applying soil science to help manage our land resources sustainably, mitigate climate change, and promote food security and ecosystem services by enhancing soil health. I am particularly interested in investigating the interdependence of soil properties, soil depth, microbes, and roots with respect to carbon protection and decomposition.


Current Research

Exciting research projects are under development! Check back or reach out about upcoming graduate student positions.

Cole D. Gross

Soil Organic Carbon

My work on soil organic carbon cycling spans from microscales (investigating clay-aggregate-associated carbon protection) to macroscales (regional field trials) across various ecosystems and land uses.


Global Perspective

My passion is for understanding how human land-use and management decisions and climate change affect carbon cycling in various ecosystems globally, and how we can manage our land resources sustainably.

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